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“ Our Dealers and active traders have been using Dartstock for quite a while now. They rely on it to keep track of Market movements in Real-Time, perform various types of analysis and use advanced charting tool to make more informed Decisions. We found the product as best in Class and I-darts as a professionally managed customer oriented Company. We engage them as a Partner and hope to grow our user base in the near Future. ”

V R Srinivasan, CEO and Director
BRICS Securities Limited

“ I-darts has a delivered a World Class product in Ncharts. They met with our expectations in their knowledge and understanding of handling Real-Time Market Data and providing advanced Charting and Technical Analysis tools. We are delighted to have engaged them; they understood our product vision and helped us translate that into reality by overcoming technical challenges and without compromising quality. We are now expanding our engagement with them to launch the next generation of Ncharts. ”

Vijay Kumar, Chief Business Officer

“ Congratulations to i-darts for creating a world class product for active traders. It goes well beyond Charting & Technical Analysis to provide a wealth of Information and Scanning tools in a single integrated Desktop. Our clients and franchisees find great value in the product. ”

P B Subramaniyan, Managing Director
PSB Securities Limited
" A great product and excellent support service is what distinguishes i-darts from its competitors. One stop shop for all needs of Market data, scanners, Charting Tools and Analytics makes Market Tracker (powered by i-darts) the most in-depth product available in the market. While there are various other software/data vendors in the market place, each one specializes only on one aspect leaving the other areas deficient. Market Tracker on the other hand has adopted a holistic approach to Market Analysis. It is as valuable for a trader as to an investor.

Further, their quest for improvement leaves you spell bound with the management more than willing to solicit feedback and incorporate requirements to enhance user experience. A rare phenomenon in my experience of more than a decade in financial markets! "
Jyoti Nangrani, CMT (Ex Research Analyst Aditya Birla Money Ltd)
I have been watching I-darts provided Market tracker past 4 years.

I found the following features are very good.

  • Quote gives all information about the company (script) 52w high, low and all time high and low. Moving average ?those can trade with watching MA it is helpful without entering in to charts. While talking to client PE, EPS, Market cap and YTD very helpful all in one shot.
  • Flash data, FII activity data, Announcement, Board meetings
  • While trading: - Heat map, Market Dynamic, Market Breadth help me to get market trend.
  • Trade before:- Resistance and supports are accurate in market tracker. S2 S1 P R1 R2 are fantastic especially in nifty. I can say its 90% accurate. So many times i trade with R&S accurately.
  • Live scanner :- it gives good information for short and midterm traders like you can choose 3-6-12 months low stocks and high stocks. I suggest buy 3-6 -12 months low stocks especially nifty 50 stocks 100% get profits. Once i bought SIEMENS 3 months low and 6 months low got doubled the profit in long term with 1 year 2012.
  • FNO corner: - Put/ call ratio Laggards is fantastic who can trade for strategic and intraday and bullish traders. Take 19-05-2014 PCR laggards especially UNITECH Puts 632 and calls 3081 trades what does it means? It means calls are buying if u see entire day the ratio has increased huge. Based on PCR laggards traded intraday and delivery. Mc dowel in June PCR laggards and Arbitrate has given blindly profit of rs. 250. Like so many examples are with me. Most bullish futures : it gives bullish futures and arbitrage opportunity ex: June and July HDFC bank has a huge spread. In the june month spread 19 and july spread 10. I did this arbitrage. FNO corner gives open interest information based on this I find out OI losers and gainers.
  • Buy & sell signals: are good if we kept 10-15 min time it gives good trend can say 80% if trades with stoploss
  • Charts : are good, Trade with RSI defiantly get profits 90%. MACD also good indicator on 14-july RSI and macd has given a clear indication to buy nifty. Volume indicators are given the buy opportunity on day.

Finally : market tracker is very much useful for brokers and traders
I. Praveen Kumar, Trade Advisor, Aditya Birla Money ltd
" i-Darts has developed one of the best real-time market watch applications, with an in-depth information, technical analysis, charting tools, news, etc. which helps the traders and investors to take informed decisions. The sharp and intelligent way of managing the information is remarkable. Technically the product is designed efficiently in disseminating information by consuming a low bandwidth with minimal resource utilization. "
Zameer G Syed, Trading Applications & Technology Expert
" I've been using Dartstock for a while now and am extremely happy with it. User friendly design and speed of data updates are the key features I like about the product. As a experienced Technical Analyst, I am also happy with the intra-day charting tool which is extensive and the ability to create and save templates is quite helpful. The screener tool is another useful feature. On the whole, it is a product I strongly vouch for; active traders can benefit a lot."
B. Krishnakumar, Technical Analyst
" I am an active trader on NSE and mainly trade in Futures and Options. I found your software to be the most complete software for the market information. It has unparalleled capabilities of charting and technical analysis tools. It has helped me find oppurtunities of profitable trades even in this highly volatile market. I have tried a number of technical Analysis software, but after using your software, I realized what I was missing. Thank you for providing such a wonderful tool, which is extremely user friendly. It has made my decision making on entry and exits very easy. I would recommend it as a must for every trader. "
Jagdev Singh Gulliya, Day Trader
" I perused the features and other aspects of i-darts software. As a technical and functional consultant and also as a trader/investor, I am sure this system is among the top providers. It is user friendly, fast, feature rich and very efficient! It has powerful features like configurable opportunities finder to help traders to hunt for trading opportunities in market jungle!. "
V. Santhanam, System consultant, Professional Investor

“ I am an enthused active investor and have been using your product for some time now. The simple and intuitive user interface combined with the staggering functionality of the product simply thrills and eggs on an avid market enthusiast. The real-time market information, various smart scanners and advanced charting help the users with different risk appetite to evaluate risk, spot opportunities early on, make informed decisions and stay on the top of the trade session. ”

Nanda Krishnan,

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